Lime-Code Technology, a leader in the frame industry, with over ten years of experience and cooperation with the top aluminum extrusion companies, provides innovative solutions, developing software and applications based on marketplace and customer needs.

Our goal is not only to keep up with time, but also listen carefully the manufacturer, whose work is very demanding and difficult to carry out. At the end of the day, our aim is to create the right applications that facilitate, save time and provide comfort to their users.

Our philosophy:

Our main concern is that we want our customers’ needs to be satisfied, which is achieved with the high quality of our services.

We support a customer network based on trust, reliability and productively creative relationships.

Our mission:

The evolution of the industry, through our products!

We are committed to create, maintain and keep developing applications that will act as effective tools for their users.

We offer our customers a high quality experience through these apps & softwares.

Why choose us


We ensure the quality of our services

Customer Service

Well-trained and experienced staff at your disposal

Innovative Services

Based on the continuous evolving needs of the aluminum industry

User-friendly Apps

In order to provide the best user experience


Our portfolio speaks better than words!

We are changing the world with Technology

-Bill Gates


Meet our smart & creative guys

Theodora Galata

Founder - Web Designer
I deal with the promotion of the company, with the attraction of new partners and I have undertaken the design of our applications and sites.

Irene Krikou

Sales - Public Relations
I am responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with our customers. My purpose is an effective communication to find new needs and / or complaints.

Marianna Kliafa

Social Media Manager
My element is communication and information through the social media. I always aim for efficient work, and I manage some part of the sales.

Alexandros Platanios

Computer Software Engineer
My passion is to deal with software development and improvement. I like the challenge of finding solutions to new problems.

Markella Kontorozh

Office Manager
I’m the person in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly. I’m responsible for developing procedures and implementing, evaluating, improving, and communicating with the office workforce about those procedures.

Panagiotis Vasiliou

Front-End Developer
I am responsible for the User Interface development, I determining the structure and design of web pages. My goal is the best possible outcome for the user.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. 

    Working together is success.    

How we work

You don’ t need to work hard. You need to work smart!



Careful observation and research can create the best ideas


Suggestions & Discussion

Brainstorming leads to the completion of an idea or even its rejection



Defining the necessary steps to complete the project


Work sharing

Each member of the team takes on the part he / she likes and is good at doing


Testing of the final product

Nothing is delivered to our customers unless it first passes the necessary tests


Distribution to the clientele

Satisfaction for us comes when we receive feedback from our customers

Join our team

Do you like being a part of projects with constant development?

Send your CV now and join the Lime-Team!


Contact Info

Filellinon 10, 16452 Argyroupoli

Athens, Greece

+30 210 99 52 9 61

Business days 9:00am- 17:00 pm