Frame Quotation System


To get the customer to the manufacturer!

What it is

Frame QS is a widget made with the latest technology that can be supported by any modern site. It can be added to the site menu and/or in the form of a button that will link to a custom-made website.

What it offers – Purpose

Its purpose is to prompt the user to create a request for quotation from the frame manufacturer that has Frame WS on their site.

As a result, it offers advanced functionality to the websites it installs, upgrading the company’s image in the eyes of potential customers.

The benefits don’t end there as the frame manufacturer gets useful information about the projects without having to take time out of their daily routine to meet up with clients.

How does it work

At the click of a button, it links to a web page with easy and self-explanatory questions for the user, which give the frame manufacturer all the necessary information to turn the request into an offer!

After receiving the request, the frame manufacturer forms the final offer using a special web application for managing and processing requests and forming orders. Finally, he has the ability to issue all the necessary accompanying certificates and CE marking forms.

Target Audience

This particular widget is installed on the sites of frame manufacturers and is used by their visitors. It is therefore addressed to every professional who wants to give his potential clients the opportunity to communicate with him directly and comprehensively as well as to upgrade the online image of his business.